Wondering when its the right time to put down my cat

by Jessica

I went to my vets last week, because my cat had a very bloated stomach. He told me she has a large mass in her stomach, and would assume she has about 2 weeks, to 2 months to live. He sounded very sure, and offered me some options, that i would not be able to afford, and in the end it will be the same result most likely.

She is still eating, and purring, coming around for treats etc. Shes having difficulty getting on the couch and going up and down the stairs. Ive brought her dishes upstairs so she doesnt have to go far. I guess my question to you is, how will i know when she is starting to suffer. Im just unsure of what the symptoms will be. I know im going to have to put her down, but i dont want to end her life if she isnt suffering yet, thats not fair. I want to make sure its the right time. She is a 9 year old hymilayan.

Thank you so much.

I am so sorry to hear your news. It's never easy I know, i have bent here and making the final decision is never easy but you will know know.

For me all i had to do was to look into my cats eyes and see that the light was no longer there and her life as a cat would never be the same ie she could not get around any more. Even though she was still eating and purring i knew that any further treatment etc would only be putting her through more upset and so i let her go.

For you the situation is slightly different. it sounds like she is still happy enough and not in any pain or discomfort (did the vet think she was in any pain?).

When she no longer wants to move around at all, or does not eat much or has difficultly going to the loo etc, or if touching her causes her to cry in discomfort. Then is the time to let her go.

Believe me you will simply know in your heart even if your head says that you don't want her to go.

It will not be easy but as you know is the last gift we can give our beloved pets.

I have a web page on my site about euthanasia and my own experience which you may find of further help and interest here


best wishes kate

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