Won't come out of his room

I brought this cat home from a shelter a few days ago, and things have been going very well. He's very affectionate and a great companion when he's with me. But most of the time, he's in another room hiding. I thought it was fine at first because he probably wants a safe zone for himself, but he rarely ever leaves it. If I go in the room and sit, he'll come and play and cuddle, but if I carry him to another room or try to lead him out, he's very reluctant. He'll play for a little bit but retreat back to his room in the end. I'm assuming this is just regular behavior since he's probably very overwhelmed after leaving the shelter, but I thought I'd ask here just to be sure. Thanks!

Answer by Kate
Some cats are just naturally more caustios and afraid than others. Some are bold as brass others take a lot of coaxing and tlc.

I think time will be the main problme solver in this case. Can i reccomend that you read my pages about bonding with a cat https://www.our-happy-cat.com/new-cat.html.

best wishes Kate

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