Worm Medication

by Tracy
(Hartford, CT)

I bought roundworm medication over the counter.I just got a new kitten that was born to a feral cat so I figured she had worms. I have heard most kittens get worms from their mamas milk and with this MAma cat living outside I didn't want to take any chances. I also have a 3 years old cat who I also rescued from outside and I didn't want him to get worms from our new kitten. I gave them the medication over 1 week ago and today when I was cleaning the little kitten;s liter box, I noticed a long string(a worm), but it wasn't moving. I read on line that as long as it is not moving that means the medication is working. Is this true? My kitten is going to get fixed in September (I already have a appt. for Sept 8) she has to be 4 months to get fixed) and I will keep an eye on this situation until she goes. If she still has them I will get the medication from the vet. I just wanted to know if that is true that the kitty will have have dead worms in their poop? I have to give the second dose in 4 days. My little kitty never had any symptoms though. Although when I first got her I though her belly looked bloated, but it doesn't look bloated anymore. She looks very healthy. I probably shouldn't have brought the kitten in the house because I have another cat and I didn't want him to catch anything. I heard that a kitten can pass things on to other cats even if the kitten doesn't show any symptoms. Is that true?

Thank you for your time.

Tracy from Hartford, CT

Answer by Kate
normally when the worm dies it is absorbed inside the cat and so you don't see them in the poop. However if there were many worms then it is possible that not all of them are absorbed and are passed in the poop. As long as it is dead that is a good sign that the medication is working.
Keep up the medication as directed and I'm sure you will be fine.
Mention to the vet when you go that you gave them worm treatment, they may recommend something else, indeed some flea treatments also protect against some worms too.

best wishes Kate

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