Worried About my cats Health

by Nikki
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I have four indoor cats and a dog and since moving to my new place, 6 months ago, it has been nothing but stress. It seems like I am always in the vet clinic with one pet or another and always for different reasons but the one that I am really worried about is my nine year old Maine Coone neutered male, Mitts.

I went away for the weekend and my pet sitter said that the cats were great, that they all seemed in good spirits and all ate at breakfast and supper time. When I got in last night there was vommit on the floor. One pile looked like purated food and the other was a clear liquid. This morning when I fed the cats, Mitts did not want to eat at all. And I tried to syringe some water into his mouth since I did not see him eating either.

He seems very lathargic, and I have been watching him most of the day and have not seen him throw up or use the litter box. I also noticed that he is drooling alot (something he never does) and it has an odour to it.

A few months ago he had a full bladder from a blocked penis and he is not on Hills C/D perscription food. I don't know if this is related to his full bladder or is something different but wanted to help/advice since the veterinarian is not available until Monday.

Answer by KAte
Hi well yes it could have something to do with a reoccurring infection or it could be caused by a hair ball. Main coons have long fur and can be more prone to getting hairballs.

However unfortunately i would say that a trip to the vets is the best option, i don't like the sound of the drooling.

i hope it is nothing to worry about and that the vet can sort him out easily.

best wishes kate

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