Worried about my kitten

by Mark V.
(Kenner, Louisiana)

My kitten Sophia is about 6 months old, 4 lbs. (a little underweight). She just went through her first heat about 2 weeks ago and last night she recieved her last set of injections. She tested negative for any worms, felive HIV, rabies, etc. She had tapeworms right after we rescued her (at about 4 months), but she was treated and sent home. However, recently, and moreso last night, she has been sluggish and perhaps a bit uncomfortable when I pick her up. She puked up a bit of food and liquid last night. Some might have come from her rectum, I don't know.

She doesn't seem very interested in eating or drinking, but she is urinating and I suppose still defecating.

I am a bit worried though. She left this in the litter-box this morning. I prodded it with a toothpick to determine it's consistency. It's a bit sticky (gummy).

Can anyone identify what might be wrong before I call the vet?

Answer by KAte
Hi Mark I have deleted the picture as it was rather horrible hope you don't mind.

I think it is impossible for anyone to diagnose the problem with your cat as there could be so many causes. Your bets bet really is to speak to your vets as soon as possible. She may be having a reaction to the injections, she may just have a tummy upset, she may even be having gynecological problems. the vet really does need to examine her to find out.

Hope she is Ok

best wishes Kate

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by: Mark V.

Yeah, sorry about the picture. I figured it was necessary info. It was pretty gross though, so, I understand the omission and I'm sorry you even had to see it!

Actually, she seems to be doing okay right now. After a day or so of slugging around, she seems to have rebounded. I didn't want to cry wolf, so I figured giving it a little time so soon after a serious vaccination would be a proper precaution. I failed to mention I had also given her some hairball medicine that same afternoon after which she threw up more (on the suggestion of the vet that I give her some because she was previously throwing up liquid).

So, I've delegated her to a strict diet of wet food (at least for a few weeks) and spring-water to minimize any tummy-trouble she might be having. She seems to be eating and drinking normally again and she has not thrown up again to my knowledge.

And she is now in heat again. I'm hoping to get her up to 5 lbs. before the end of February so I can get her spayed. I can only take so much of her rubbing her butt up to me!

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