worried about stray cat

by Steven
(Yucaipa, Ca)

I have a outside cat that we have adopted many years ago.Do to someone moving away. He comes every morning and night for his meals. He has always had a good appitite. About two months ago he lost his appitite and would not eat.She has lost alot of weight. She really looked bad so I gave her some of our amoxicilin just a tinny bit in her food. She they got better and starter to eat again. Then about 3 weeks she has lost her appitite again. Since she has been sick she does not eat just sniffs her food and does not eat. In the begining she drools clear liquid and has now turned thick. She has drinks lots and lots of water. I really thinks that she is suffering but I do not know. But she is a good hunter and always brings and eats goffers. But since she was sick seems to chew on one side like there is somthing wrong with her jaw. If I knew that she was suffering I would try to catch her and put her to sleep. I hope that vyou can help. Thanks very much.

Steven from your description i would say yes she is suffering. She should not be drolling and especially thick goo. It does sound like she may either have problems with her teeth or jaw which makes it difficult or painful to eat. The little she does eat ie what she catches is probably in desperation and if she can't chew properly will mean that she is not able to break her food down properly so that her body can use it and this is why she is also getting so thin.

Yes i really do think you should try and catch her and take her to the vets, it would be the kindest thing to do and if you are prepared to care for her afterwards hopefully the vet can put her right.

best wishes kate

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