Y does my kitten pee and poop in the tube?



My mom and i just got a kitten and it poops and pees in the tub. We make him smell it and then give him a little spanking. What do we do? we dont want him to be mad at us.

Answer by Kate
First of all you should not spank or shout at your cat for doing this. All you will do is make them hate you as they won't understand why you are doing it.

There is always a reason why a cat will do this and the reasons are too varied for me to mention them all here. can I recommend that you read my page about this behaviour, once you understand why they do this you can try and find the cause of their worry. there is also a litter training process mentioned on the page that can help cats get over their anxieties and learn to use the litter tray.

here is the web page


best wishes Kate

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