August 24th 2009 - Little Mo's Final Diary Entry

by Kate

Little Mo, Little Cat, Big Heart

Little Mo, Little Cat, Big Heart

This entry is being written by Kate little Mo's mum.

I sadly have to let you all know that Little Mo is no longer with us. After my last post, we went to visit her in Hospital, where we found little Mo in a very confused and distressed state. She was not in pain due to the drugs she was being given but seemed to be very confused and frustrated at not being able to get up.

we spent some time with her and spoke to the vet again who advised that although he could amputate her hind leg it was not advisable for her due to her age and frailty due to the ongoing thyroid problems she was having.

We looked at Little Mo and just could not face putting her through such a big operation and with the distress she may go through afterwards. At 17 we just felt she would not cope very well and that her quality of life would be diminished(although we know that younger cats can be fine on three legs).

It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make and the grief we are experiencing is awful. So much pain for a such a small cat, the trouble is she had a big personality and was such a big part of our lives.

I would like to thank all those who contacted me after my last post for their kinds words and thoughts. I know you would have loved Little Mo as much as we did, everyone who knew her did here, she will be sadly missed by lots of people.

Cheer up
by: Jeslyn

Oh,don't need to fret if it is sunny after Little Mo
died.She is saying thank you for 17 years of love and care . Cheers ('o')~
I'm so sorry.
by: Jenna

I'm very sorry for your loss. I read Little Mo's story and she seemed so sweet. A few years ago we lost a cat my parents had had for almost 20 years. Sadie was so sweet and gentle and reading Little Mo's story reminded me of her. As I read this last entry I couldn't help but cry a little. I myself don't believe in heaven, but I hope for our kitties sake that there is one and that they are playing there together!
Even though this was posted in 2009, the loss of a pet can still smart a little and I'm sorry you had to go through it. But, the best way to get over that loss is to give affection to another pet. At least that's what I've
found! I hope your current cats are keeping your spirits up.
Bye Mo
by: Kelly

I only found your site,becasue i was searching for info on signs of senile cat... mine is 16.. he is getting on..... but what happened to Mo helped me think, keep a closer eye on my guy, he's on thyroid medication also,and one thyroid left.. and he too still tries to jump and act like a young thing... so sorry that Mo had to leave you. but it sounds like you did the utmost for her in her life... and that is beautiful.

We can only care for them,they are independent little spirits..
Bless you and your family :)
Im so sorry kate :
by: Cappuchino 's mom

im am so sorry to hear about little mo if that happened to my little cappy i would let my life go she is the only reason why i love animals she has a big heart and would never scratch anyone it is such a tragedy of what she had to go through I pray she rests in peace may god be upon you guys for taking such good care of a disabled cat may peace and prayers be upon you :

little mo
by: Natasha Asif (Sydney Australia)

little mo was a very cute cat, (even though I didn't really see her face to face)
what you did was for little mo's good.
For all the animals that have dies,
hopefully we'll see them again.
I am sorry for your loss
by: Roxana


I know this diary entry was posted over a week ago, but I wanted to let you know that I came across your page by coincidence. I woke up this morning to find that my cat had been killed by 4 stray dogs that roam our neighborhood. Her name was Cindy, but we frequently called her Mamoosh. She was 12 human years old. My moody, chubby little baby. I feel horrible so i googled "how to cope with a pets death". This website popped up. I read everything from "Meet Little Mo", to this last diary entry. I feel so guilty for what happened to Cindy, but after reading this and Little Mo's story I feel a little bit at peace. Rest In Peace Mo and Cindy. I will see you later my baby.

Comment by Kate
Oh how terrible, luckily stray dogs are very rare now here in the UK.

I really feel for you and your loss, but as you say, you will see them again one day and they are at peace now.

best wishes Kate

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