Brown Spray Coming Out Of Cat Butt

Question re: brown spray coming out of cat butt

Indigo Butting our 4 year old neutered male cat was sleeping and my husband tapped his backside with his foot to get him to move, when my husband did this a foul smelling liquid came out of his hind end. 

Is something wrong or do cats have a gland there like dogs do? I've had several male and female cats over the years and I've never seen such a thing. Indigo also backs up to things thinking that he is scenting them although we had him fixed early. He is an indoor/outdoor cat who enjoys hunting and eating parts of his catches. 


Yes cats do have an anal gland. This gland can become blocked sometimes and an infection can produce nasty discharges.

However whether or not this is what caused he discharge which came from your cat is is impossible to say without a full examination from a vet. It may well be that your husband did knock a blocked gland or some other infection in that area which burst.

Of course the other possibility is that your cat is suffering from Diarrhea. If they have very loose stools, they may involuntarily spurt brown liquid from their behinds.

But to be sure either way you would have to seek an examination from your vet for a diagnosis.

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foul order milky liquid from rectum when touched in that area 
by: Anonymous 

My 9 year old female cat emits a foul order milky substance from her rectum when touched near that area, for example when brushing her or when petting her and getting close to that area.

Sounds to me like an infection. I'm afraid a visit to the vets is needed asap. Kate 

Cat scenting with a face gland

cat butt juice by: Anonymous 

My neutered 2 year old cat has ”marked” my boyfriend with this butt juice several times. It seems to be intentional as he has never done it to anyone or anything else...i m really upset because if he doesn't stop i m going to have to get rid of him. Advise?! 

This is a form of scent marking his territory. Even neutered cats both male and female will continue to do this throughout their loves, although it is less prominent in neutered cats. 

When a cat does this to a person they are basically saying "this person is mine. However this is rare and is often caused by some anxiety.

There must be some underlying reason why your cat feels insecure about his environment and the people around him for him to do this as it is rare for them to scent people. 

Do not get angry with your cat, they are not being nasty or naughty, they are simply responding to the way they feel and this scent marking is a way for them to feel more secure about the environment around them. 

Please take a look at my pages about cat urination for more advice. Also check out the cat question page and do a search for the word urine or spraying.

! by: Anonymous 

my male 3 year old does this as well.  It's disgusting! He does it when my boyfiend plays with him and he gets a little rough must be a male thing! 


It could well be that your can gets anxious or even scared when your boyfriend plays with him and this could be an involuntary reaction. 

If not it could be a good idea to have his rear end checked for any problems. It is not normal behaviour for a cat to do this during play. So if the problem is not caused because of fear then their mat be a medical reason for it. 

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