Cat acting different.

by Mary



Hi I have a female cat who is a little over a year old. She just had a litter of kittens and they are about 8 weeks old. Everything has been going well with mom and kittens but within the past week the mother cat has started acting like she is starving. she constantly meows at us when we get up or go into the kitchen. Even when there is food and water in her bowls she still meows. Now she is at the table when we are eating doing the same thing. She also is getting aggressive towards her kittens. I don't know why she acts like this we feed her on a regular basis.

Answer by Kate
Well at 8 weeks the kittens will start to be weaned by the mother and her behavior towards them can change. in the wild once they are weaned she will chase them off her territory so that her next lot of kittens have enough food etc.

her behavior towards them could be her way of telling them to start to fend for themselves.

As for her meowing a lot well pregnancy can take it out of a cat and she may not be getting enough nutrients to replenish her body. there are special nursing and pregnant cats foods available which are designed to help with this balance. It may be that she needs some added supplement to her diet for awhile to pick her up.

However if her behavior does not change after another week or so or if you notice any other symptoms then a trip to the vets may be a good idea just in case she has developed an illness after her pregnancy.

i hope she is back to her old self again soon.

best wishes Kate

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