Cat In Heat Questions

Here are just a few of the many cat in heat questions I have been asked over the years. I hope the answers are able to help you with any problems you may be having with your own cat.

Question - Spayed cat acts like she is in heat, why?

I have a year old cat that was spayedwhen she was young but she acts like shes in heat

Answer  - I'm not sure what behaviours you are referring to. if you mean that she is being over affectionate and meowing a lot, then this is also a sign of a cat looking for attention and perhaps wanting more activity in their lives to keep them happy etc.

If you mean she is dragging her behind a little then this could be a sign of some problem in the back end such as mites or even constipation. In which case she should be checked by a vet to see if there is something wrong.

Question - How to treat a house cat in heat or stop cat from being in heat?

Answer - I'm not sure what you mean. Once a cat goes into heat you can not do anything about it until it is over. Then the best way is to have her spayed by the vet. This will stop her having any more seasons.

Please see my page about neutering for more information.

Question - Help For A Cat In Heat - Other Than Spaying

I have an Abyssinian female - one year old - that I would like to use for breeding in a year or so, in the meantime, what can she be given to help relieve the symptoms of her heat, which seem to make her more anxious and uncomfortable with each one? And, which seems to be coming on every two weeks? Thanks

Answer - Hi, This is an excerpt from my page cat-in-heat. "Female felines will show signs of a cat in heat on average for one week every three weeks from late winter or early spring. This will continue for nine months or longer, or until she has mated."

As for whether or not there is something available to help relieve some of the symptoms I'm really not sure. I have heard that their may be some sort of female cat contraceptive that is available from the vets. 

A quick call to the vets should be able to answer this question for you once and for all. There may even be something which will simply calm her down. But do check to make sure that there are no side effects.

Question - 13 Year Old Female Cat In Heat

Is it possible for a 13 year old female to be in heat or even Pregnant? I am just curious because my 7 year old neutered male just mounted my 13 year old (very recently adopted) non fixed female cat.

Answer - Yes female cats can get pregnant up around the age of 14. However if your male is neutered then there is no worry there. 

The reason your male cat is mounting her is that she could be giving off the scent of a cat in heat and this can drive a male cat wild from instinct rather than any sexual urges. Often neutered male cats retain a sort of memory instinct and may still go through the motions of mating.

Question - My Female Un-spayed Cat Has Been Hurt

My female cat is in heat, this morning she went outside,when she came in she had a chunck of fur missing from the back of her neck what is it and what should i do?

Answer - Sounds to me like she has been with a male cat. During mating a male cat will grab a female by the neck to mate. This can be rather brutal especially if she really wasn't up for it. Please see my page about cat mating for more information.

Regarding the missing fur. Make sure the area is clean and not cut, wipe with a moist tissue to keep it clean perhaps rub with a little antiseptic and water. the fur should grow back within a few weeks.

She may have been mated so could be pregnant, you will have to decide whether or not you want to risk her getting grabbed again during her period of being in heat. If not keep her in or consider having her spayed.

Not all first matings are successful anyway so she may not be pregnant, you will have to wait and see. i have more information on my cat pregnancy page

Question - Young Cat In Heat

Hello, i have a cat who is only about ten months old now, when we first got her from a friend of mine she had a small eye disorder and horrible horrible farts, my wife and i took her too the vet for these things and the only thing he seemed to care about was getting her fixed. her has mostly cleared up but the farts remain, that much can be overlooked, hell we all fart he,he. my main problem is the very day after the visit too the vet she appeared to go into heat from my best educated guesses, and proceeds to go into heat about every 5-7 days and lasting about 7-10 days, we would love to get her fixed but at this moment are unable to pay the $300 dollar estimate the vet gave us. 

I guess my questions are these few...
1) can a cat of such young age begin her heat cycle?
2) why does her cycle seem to come so often?
3) is the estimate the vet gave us high?
4) are there any foods you could recommend to help with her gas?

i could really use some help here any help would be great

Answer - Let me answer your questions in order

1) yes a cat as young 4 or 5 months can go into heat and get pregnanct.

2) Taken from cat page about cats in heat Female felines will show signs of a cat in heat on average for one week every three weeks from late winter or early spring. This will continue for nine months or longer, or until she has mated.

If she does not mate, the heat period can become more frequent until it is almost a continuous state. If successfully mated, then the signs a cat in heat shows will stop.

3) Unfortunately I have no idea I live in the UK, here it is anything between £35 to £65. There are animal charities that can help with the cost of spaying. 

4) I can't give any specific food suggestions apart from saying that whatever you are feeding her now she is having difficulty in digesting. As you know there are many different types of cat food available including making your own. You could try feeding her for a few days on a very plain diet of cooked white meat or fish to see if this allows her tummy to settle down. I have some web pages also about cat food etc which you may find of interest. 

Question - Cat In Heat And Discharge

My 8 month old indoor female kitty who has not been spayed has had her first heat and now is spotting blood,and witch i thought that was normal, up until now! for the past day in a half she started a heavy pink discharge and is leaving it all over the house!help I don't know if this normal or if she is sick?

Answer - Sounds to em like she may have an infection, in which case she need to see a vet for some antibiotics.

Normally a cats period is just light spotting and excessive discharge is not normal and as I say could indicate an infection.

Question - Young Male Cat Wants To Mate

Hello, my name is chad and I have a 1yr old cat and I just got anouther female cat and my male 1yr old is in heat, while my new female cat is about 6months now and I wanted to know will she allow him to mate with her or even mount her if she is not in heat ?

Answer - Firstly Male cats do not have a in heat season like females. male cats will mate at any time if they get the opportunity.

As for the female cat . From the age of 4 months they start to mature and go into heat so yes it is quite possible for your female cat to be mated at this stage.

It is not really advisable though to allow a female cat to get pregnant before they are at least 1 year old, as it gives them time to develop more and be better mothers.

If you are not intending to have kittens then I would strongly recommend having one or preferably both neutered now.

Question - Cats In Heat Hurting

My room mate has a cat that is in full heat and it sounds so painful! Does this hurt her and can any problems come from her not getting fixed?

Answer - The first time you witness a cat in heat can be rather worrying as it can sound rather shocking. But she is not in pain it is just the normal female mating call.

There are no specific medical problems with not having her fixed but she will go through heat every three weeks for about nine months. So it will not only be rather annoying to you but she will feel rather frustrated and may become rather destructive i.e may scratch furniture more etc. It really is much kinder to her to have her spayed. She will be a much calmer happier cat without this regular hormonal period.

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