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Is It Possible For A Male Kitten To Get It's Mother Pregnant?

by Lydia (USA Opelika,Alabama)

Please answer as soon as possible. I would tell you the whole story but it would be way to long. I'm sorry.

Yes it is physically possible although rare as the female would normally shun his attentions. But yes it is possible but not really advisable due to the fact that the kittens could be born with defects.

Pregnant Cat Dragging Butt On The Floor

by Mel (Texas)

We adopted a stray cat who is pregnant. Not sure how far along she is but she just recently started dragging her but on the floor. Is this normal? Any advice would be great! I am super worried about her since it is her first batch of kittens. She's been around the house since she was a kitten but we just decided to bring her in :)

It is often difficult to tell exactly how pregnant a cat is. It is only in the last few weeks that they start to really show and also their behaviour may change i.e become more affection etc.

I have heard of the dragging the butt thing you described. it is possible that she is near the end of her pregnancy and is experiencing some discomfort in that area. I wouldn't worry about the behaviour as long as she is normal in other ways, still eating and using the litter etc.

Try not to worry too much, I know it can be rather worrying when its there first litter but mother nature usually copes very well.

Is My Cat Pregnant?

by Miko (California)

A stray cat adopted herself into our family so we took her in and we had her for a a month or longer now and her belly is kind of big and when i play with her and her belly she gets irritated...does that mean she could be pregnant?

Hi well unfortunately it is difficult to definately say whether or not a cat is pregnant as they don't show signs until quite near the end of the pregnancy. A vet is the only person who can definitely say or not and if so how long before she has them.

Can My Pregnant Cat Tell That I Am Also Pregnant

by Petina (australia)

i think my cat is pregnant her behavour has changed a lot she is meowing all the time and wants to be patted all the time this has been like it for about a month i am all so pregnant and she wants to lay on my tummy all the time can she tell i am pregnant to

Cats can become more affectionate when they are pregnant but this normally happens quite near the end of the pregnancy. It could simply be that she is sensing your changed behaviour since you are pregnant and is reacting to that.

Cats are very sensitive creatures and can pick up on others emotions and changed situations. Whether she actually knows you are pregnant is something we will never know, but she definitely sense that something has changed.

If your cat is pregnant you will not notice any physical changes until near the end if her pregnancy when the kittens start to move around and show. She my page under cat health about cat pregnancy for more information.

Can I Stop My Cat Getting Pregnant

by Jennifer (North Carolina)

how can i keep my cat from getting pregnant, we are wanting to get her fixed but when we start to really think about it she ends up pregnant then. i try to run off tom cats to avoid her getting pregnant but i cant keep watching her all day. and i am trying to get rid of the kittens from the last litter. can someone help me?

i am not sure what you are saying. Do you mean that when you go to get her fixed she is already pregnant and you have to wait until she has them?

If so, speak to your vet as soon as possible about having her spayed, tell him you need it done as soon as possible for fear of her getting pregnant again. in the mean time you will have to keep her inside away from the tom cats, that is your only answer.

Your vet should be able to advise to when is the best time to hae her done after her last litter. but keeping her inside is really your only answer until she is spayed as it is impossible to stop toms cats getting to females outside.

I hope you can sort out this problem soon for both you and your cat as it is not good for her either if she is continually getting pregnant.

Is She Pregnant or Sick?

by Christina (Canada)

Hello. My cat is a female and she is not fixed. She has this thick yellow stuff coming from her vagina. and she is breathing fast and wont eat or drink anything. she doesnt really walk so i made a bed for her, but she just lays in the middle of the floor and will stay there for hours not pooping or peeing or anything. But she had this before. she was like this with the yellow stuff then it went away slowly (Or it might of just not been so bad and is WORST now) I've looked up things for this and cant find anything... Is she just pregnant or is she sick?

PLEASE let me know.thank you

Hi well it sounds to me like an infection rather than anything else. It is difficult for me to say for sure, but generally anything yellow coming from that area is not a good sign. Also the other symptoms suggest illness too.

if she was pregnant and she was nearing giving birth you would be able to see her tummy moving with the kittens and you would notice a definite enlargement in that area too.

All I can say is that if it were me, I would be taking her to the vets, even if it is too just to put my mind at rest.

Male Cat Keeps Mating With Pregnant Cat

by Nikki (Calgary AB Canada)

Hi I have two cats. I have a female 2 years old and a male 4 years. My male cat got my female cat pregnant and wont leave her alone. He keeps doing his thing even though she is pregnant. I'm wondering if maybe i should keep them away from eachother until she has her babies? please help.

Well she may still be giving off a scent which is attracting the male cat. Often cats will mate several times to make sure of a pregnancy and perhaps her scent has not changed yet to indicate that she is indeed pregnant.

I am surprised that the female cat allows the male to do his thing and I'm sure she will soon begin to object and he will then get the message. I don't think you have to keep them apart, i think they will sort out their own boundaries etc.

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