Cat-sitting situation

by Gabriella
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi there:

I was wondering if you can help me on a strange situation. My parents are leaving for Europe and they asked me to take care of their 17 yr old cat for 2 weeks (I grew up with her). She is an outdoor cat and requires special attention other than letting her in and out of the house and feeding her.

I have a 2 yr old male cat who has never left his territory. If I cat-sit my parent's cat, I would need to bring him. He is an indoor cat. My worries are: 1) Will he adjust to my parent's house? 2)How will he react to my parent's female cat? 3)He has up-to-date shots but does not have the one you need when he would be around other cats. 4) My parents cat has not had her rabies shot for a long time and I'm worried if she has something, he might catch it.

What can I do about this situation? I can't leave either cat for that period of time. Would it be safe to bring him over and perhaps let him stay in the basement?

Thanks so much for helping me out,

Scared kitty :P

Answer by KAte
well firstly I would say if you are worried about him catching something from your other cat that i would get the shots required to protect him. this will not only protect him but will prevent you from worrying about this aspect. Even if it is a remote possibilty.

As to how he will react to the new house, well it won't be easy, cats don't like too much change but if it is for a period of time then yes he will adapt after a while. I would recommned keeping him in one room for at least the first week and during this time I would introduce the other cat to him using this process described on this page

yes there will be spats but the most likely outcome is that they will just give each other a wide birth while they are under the same roof. Hopefully your parents cat will be outside most of the time so the two should not have lost of contact time.

if you are worried at all then yes keeping them in separate parts of the house is your only option.

best wishes Kate
P.s lovely picture, what a great glossy coat.

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cat drags and growls his toys



Answer by Kate
This just sounds like normal cat hunting behaviour to be. basically he is acting out a hunting scene in his mind and is using the toys as props as it were. cats will often make noises when they are hunting and even imagining hunting.

This is nothing to worry about, it just shows your cat has a healthy interest in the things around him and is being stimulated by his toys which is a good thing.

bets wishes kate

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