Handicapped Cat
A Story With A Happy Ending

A handicapped cat can make a wonderful pet and lead a happy and contented life despite the difficulties. 

Unfortunately so many people over look cats and other animals who have a disability of one kind or another. These poor animals are left in the rehoming centres desperately looking for their forever home.

However these cats can still make wonderful pets and give you many happy years together. The following video story is a about one such cat who must be one of the luckiest cats in the world despite his disability. He was found in Afghanistan a sick and dirty cat with an unusual disability, who now has found a loving home where he lives a happy life.

Please share this page with your friends, if we can all share the message that a handicapped pet should be considered when looking for a pet, the better the chance other cats with disabilities will have of finding a good home.

Make sure you have your speakers turned on as there is some great music on this video too.

Enjoy this lovely story about a handicapped cat. 

Hope you enjoyed this great video, I know I had a tear in my eye. Please feel free to share this video, we really do need to get the message round that a cat with disabilities can still make a wonderful pet and lead a full life.

There are many old and disabled cats who need to find homes in shelters all over the world. Let's hope that more of these cats find homes in the future.

If you would like to know more about Poppie and his story, he has his very own website where you can keep up to date how he is today. By the looks of it he is a cat who travels and at the time of posting he is currently in Jordan.
Poppies website is at: http://poppie.developmentwork.net/

Remember disabled cats deserve a happy cat home too.

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