Happy Cat Diary 6th August 2009

Woe is me.

I knew I hadn't been feeling as spritely as I used too, but I thought that it was just because I am 17 years old now.

Anyway today I was bundled into a carrier and taken to the dreaded vets. He stuck things where things should not be stuck and prodded and poked around for ages. he even took some blood. Oh woe is me.

Any way the news is that my one remianing thyroid gland is also now not working properly and in the vets words, the results were off the scale. This means that I will have to be on medication now for the rest of my life as I am too old to face another operation. Oh woe is me.

Hang on a minute, if I have to have a tablet every day then, yes, horah I will get a tasty peice of quorn ham slice evry day. This is because mum and dad know this is the only way to get a pill inside me. Oh well every cloud has a silver lining.

Meow Little Mo

Cheers for Little Mo
by: Angel Cat

Little Mo...I had no idea you were 17...That's a lot of wisdom! So much so I'd like to call you Big Mo. Thanks for helping me to remember to look on the bright side. Sending you a BIG CAT HUG and all the treats you deserve. Purrrr..

Angels are watching over you.

Your feline friend,

Response from Little mo Or is it big mo now.

Thank you for your kind words. I may be 17 but i look as young as I ever did and still as small as ever hence name.

Mum and dad will give me my first pill tonight, can't wait as they always wrap it up in something nice.

Big Purrrs back

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