Happy Cat Diary Monday 01st October 2007

Little Mo our cat wearing a necklace

Little Mo our cat wearing a necklace

Oh dear - it has been a long time since I wrote in my happy cat diary hasn't it! I am sorry - but once again it's not really my fault. My Mum & Dad had the cheek to go away on something called a 'holiday' whatever that is! They tell me that they would like to take me with them but I HATE car journeys - why any one would want to get into one of those horrible smelly, bumpy, going-too-fast, can't-get-out-of, can't-go-to-the-toilet-in noisy things is beyond me! Especially when every time I get into one, I seem to end up at the vets!! Anyway, when my Mum and Dad go away, they always make sure our nice neighbours come in to look after me. They leave me plenty of litter trays on hand, and plenty of food and water, and the nice lady from next door comes in to make sure everything is nice and fresh. She lets me out if I'm in, and lets me in when I'm out. It's like I've got my very own butler - no wonder they call me Queen Mo sometimes! Speaking of which, when my Mum and Dad came home, just for 'a laugh' as they call it, they put one of Mums new bracelets on me like it was a necklace - they said I looked very 'regal' - and I agree! I think it really suits me, don't you? - I look almost like an ancient Egyptian cat! - Now that would have been a great time & place for a kitty to be alive - in a society where we are rightfully worshipped like we should be! But unfortunately Mum says she wants her bracelet back now.........how dare she........I'm Queen Mo!!

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