Happy Cat Diary Monday 08th October 2007

Variety is the spice of life............. My Mum & Dad have always hated the smell of wet cat food, so when I was younger and they found out that I was healthier with dry food (because when I eat wet food I didn't feel the need to drink & so kept getting cystitis - dry food meant I felt thirsty & so would drink more...and therefore didn't get urinary problems.....I'm just such a contrary Kitty!) they were rather pleased! But us cats do like a bit of variety and I had gotten soooooooo bored with the same old food all the time. So I kept begging for scraps while they were eating their dinners....especially if I could smell cheese on their plates (mmmmmmm.......cheeeeese!!!), and I got a liking for all sorts of food - such as Marmite (that's a yeast spread for those who don't have it where you live), bits of cucumber, cake crumbs - anything I could steal from their plates when they were finished. Dad did start to spoil me with treats and crumbs of cheese & things, but they decided that wasn't really healthy for me and so eventually they got the right idea and got me some new food! Now I have a lovely variety of chunky meaty bits in gravy that my Mom & Dad mash up for me, and they add some of my crunchy food to it as well, so I get a nice healthy mix of vitamins. I still drink my cat-milk regularly and so far I haven't had my old urine problems back. They feed me small meals at a time so I finish all my plate, and that way there's no wet smelly food left over, so that way they are happy too! They still leave me some dry food out if I get peckish between meals........... but if they think I'm going to leave them alone when I know they've got cheese sandwiches for dinner, they've got another think coming!!

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