Happy Cat Diary Thursday 22nd November 2007

Our cat sleeping in front of a sad light

Our cat sleeping in front of a sad light

Hello! Meow....and brrrrrrr! It's turned really cold lately, and now that November is here the nights are getting longer and the skies are cloudy and grey. And with me being the sun worshipping kitty cat that I am, it means I've been feeling rather depressed! My Mum & Dad have tried to entertain me and keep me warm and well fed, but a lot of the time all I've really wanted to do is to curl up on the duvet and go to sleep. I don't want to go out so much and I'm really grumpy when my Mum and Dad don't have the central heating on. But now I'm happy again! Mum and Dad came home from the shops with a new magic box. They must have bought it just for me because it's exactly what I wanted. It's just like having my very own indoor sun - it's lovely and warm and nice and bright too. I miss the sunshine sooooo much and as soon as they switched the magic box on I was in heaven! Mum and Dad couldn't move me away from it..."Not everything's for you Little Mo" they said, but I'm nothing if not persistent, and before they knew it they had given in and moved my cushion in front of the magic box for me. And even better, Mum's now got one upstairs as well, so when she is working on her computer I can keep her company and keep happy and warm at the same time. Mum and Dad think they buy these things for themselves, but I know its all for me really.

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