Happy Cat Diary Thursday 23rd August 2007

Little Mo our cat helping with the computer

Little Mo our cat helping with the computer

Meeeoow! Hello there! It's been a while since I wrote in my diary. Sorry if you have missed me, but it's not my fault, honest!...... Let's face it - I don't really write this diary - I'm a cat after all, and my claws would scratch this keyboard to pieces, so instead, I dictate it to my Dad and he types it out for me! He's usually very good at this, but just lately he and my Mom have been out all day and all evening, and they've been so tired when they get in that they just go straight to bed - well, at least after feeding me of course - they'd never get a minutes sleep if they tried to get out of that believe me! For a long time I was wondering where they were going every day - as you know, us cats hate any change to our usual routine - and I'd meow and meow at them both, and try to sit on their laps to make them stay. Anyhow, I've discovered that they were helping my Moms sisters family move house, and they were getting quite excited, and told me that I was going to be able to meet my new cousin called Clive. Clive is a big black and white cat who my Moms sister was rescuing from a friend who was also moving to a different home, but one where they're not allowed to have pets (can you imagine such horrible places? - a home is definitely not a home without us kitty cats around!). Anyway, my Mom and Dad really liked Clive and told me all about him, and I was very excited about meeting my new friend. But now, disaster!! Apparently, this family have a couple of little girls as well, and one of them accidentally let Clive out after he had only been in the new house for a couple of days! My Moms sister had not even got him a collar yet, let alone getting him micro-chipped or anything! So poor cousin Clive hadn't even had the chance to really get to know his new family yet, and now he's gone, and I won't even get the chance to say Meow to him or share a head but or two! Poor cousin Clive is probably trying to find his way back to his original home right at this moment, but that's over 35 miles away! My Mom is really upset, and so is my Dad. But at least I've got them both back with me all the time again (well, apart from Dad going to work everyday, but at least I know what time he'll be home, and I can sit ready and waiting on the front door-mat for him as usual!). I'll let you all know in my diary if they find cousin Clive. Let's purr and hope he's okay. Best Wishes, A slightly sad Little Mo

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