help please, pregnant 7mo plus cat newly adopted.

by debi
(denver co)

Hello all, I just adopted a kitten, or so I thought? She's pregnant with five kittens, ultrasound confirmed. I adopted her from a animal shelter, we brought her home yesterday. She is about 6 weeks away from birthing the kittens, (so I'm told). She stayed in her kennel, with the door wide open. I bought her toys and a bed type thing. She came out overnight and hid under the couch, so I closed her kennel in hopes shed take a liking to the bed. I came home from work today and she was still in the same spot, we lifted the couch so I could try to hold and love on her. She ran downstairs and has taken a spot under my bed. What do I do? Do I move the food and liter box to where she is? I'm afraid she's not eating or drinking enough? Also, I am afraid she will have the kittens under my bed. I myself am 32 weeks pregnant. I'm worried about her. She's has just slept and stayed away from my children and I. I'm not sure what to do? Is she unhappy? Could she be having the kittens earlier than the ultrasound showed? Is she just unsure of her surroundings? I have kitten dry food out upstairs, I also have wet food, should I put the food under my bed? I'm so lost, I am fostering her, they were going to abort her kittens before I could take

her, being that I'm pregnant I think emotionally that was not ok. I just couldn't fathom that, please help! Thank you : )

well two things are happening here. Firstly she is nervous of her new home and surroundings etc which is completely normal. It can take some cats weeks to build up enough courage to allow the new family to get near. You simply have to let her do this in her own time. Please see my page about bonding with a new cat here.

As for her food, well if i were you i would place your new cat in one room with her bed, litter, toys and some fresh water and food for a few days and let her relax and calm down in a quite room. Visit her but don't try to touch her etc, simply be in the same place with her for awhile. She will soon build up her confidence enough to approach you.

I can understand your anxiety but her behavior is normal for a newly homes=d cat, pregnant or not. Also i'm afraid that she will have her kittens where she chooses. All you can do is make a place ready for her which she may decide is suitable but there are no guarantees. Cats are like that :)

I have pages on my site about cat pregnancy and also about kitten care which you may find of further interest.


best wishes kate

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thank you!
by: debi

Kate, thank you for the feedback, I wasn't sure how to handle it. Your response was very helpful!! : )

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