How Do We Get Our Cat to be Happy

by Linda


We adopted a 7 month old kitten from the Humane Society two weeks ago Tuesday as a playmate for our newly adopted 9 month old kitten and us.

They had not neutered him until the day we brought him home so when we brought him home he seemed tired but happy to see me.

The next day he started coughing and sounding like he was going to throw up so we took him to the vet. The Vet determined that he had an inflamed throat from the tube at surgery and was running a fever. We put him on two types of medication (antibiodics and a cough suppressent).

I gave him the liquid medications twice a day and after several days he got to where he would run each time he saw me.

Now he is able to have free run of the house and he does not want anything to do with me. When I try to pick him up - he runs.

When I finally do pick him up he stays with me but does not purr like he used to when I picked him up. Even after I gave him medication he would still let me hold him and pet him and he would purr.

I am really starting to worry about whether or not he will come out of this and will be a happy and trusting cat.

We don't know for sure how he really behaved because we needed to medicate him the second day he was here. He was also at the shelter since October.

What is the best way to work with him? At his follow up appointment this week the vet seemed to think he would go back to being affectionate with time.

I just don't know if I should avoid touching him until he is ready or just keep trying to be affectionate with him.

Thank you,

Answer by Linda
Hi, this is a common problem but one that can be resolved.

Unfortunately he associates you with being given medicine which he would not like and so there is a little bit of fear built up.

the best things to do is to leave him alone, don't try to pick him up or stroke him, instead let him come to you.

My advice would be to try some bonding sessions with him where you allow him to be control of the situation and you are passive. it may take a little while but the more he learns to trust you the more likely it will be that he will eventually forget the past and be an affectionate cat again.

i have a web page about this bonding process which you may find of further information here

best wishes Kate

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