I don't know what's wrong with my kitten

by Hector
(Las Vegas, NV)

my kittten

my kittten

My 3 year old cat had a baby recently and the kitten is now 3 months old, before he was just fine the problem was that he never pooped in the litter box and he still doesn't. Today when he pooped it was a Caramel mucus like substance with traces of blood in it :( i don't know what's wrong with him and i can't afford taking him to a vet since we barely manage to pay our rent and bills. Can you please tell me if he's sick and if so what's the illness?

I’m sorry but it is simply impossible to diagnose whether or not your cat is seriously ill or not over the internet, no one can. All i can say is that it sounds like your cat has diarrhoea and this can be caused by several things. Too rich food, a bug or virus or worms.

So firstly make sure you have treated him for worms using a kitten strength tablet. Also make sure you have treated both cats for fleas using the spot on treatments only (fleas can cause sickness too.

Please read my pages here about worms and fles for more information

And see if he improves. If not then dry changing his diet for a while to something much plainer, this helps to give the digestive system time to settle down again.
Please see this page for more on how to do this
If after doing all of this and after a week or so there is no improvement then i’m afraid you only have the option of the vet to turn to or perhaps a animal charity in your area that may be able to provide some cheaper treatment, I know there are a few like this, but you have to find them in your own area.

I hope your kitten is better soon but you will have some issues coming up if you can’t afford to have him neutered and also your female cat spayed. You could end up with lots more kittens on your hands which will be costly and also some possible cat behaviour issues too I’m afraid.

Best wishes kate

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