indoor cat ripped screen out of window to get out

by Debbie
(new castle de)

my cat is indoor cat,and ripped my window srcreen out to get outside. will only come in if she gets hungry. she was spayed years ago. now she has ripped my friends window scrren out which lives nextdoor so she can get into his house. if i call and try get her she runs,and if i do happen to get her and bring her in she will tear screen again to get out,and in to eat when hungry.

I flea dipped her 2 days before this,and was first time using dip on her. could this be why she dont want to come in?
not sure whats going on. shes not around to be seen so think she ripped my friend nextdoor window screen out again.

yes I think the flea dip is definitely the cause. i know when i first treated one of my cats in the past with flea treatment he bolted and i didn't see him for 24 hours then he was s very nervous for a few days until he could trust be again.

I'm not sure what flea dip is? I only ever use the spot on flea treatments on my cats. If this is a sort of bath then yes he is probably extremely nervous and fearful of you right now. Also the smell of the treatment on his fur may be upsetting him also.

All you can do is to provide food and water for him and some shelter and keep calling for him every day. don't try to grab him as this will only make things worse. he needs time to learn to trust you again. Also as the smell of the treatment fades he should calm down.

His reaction has been rather extreme but should only be a temporary situation.

You may need to build some bridges with him over the coming week. I have a page about bonding with your cat which you may find of further interest and help here

best wishes kate

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