Kira- Luna cat feeding

by Kira
(Logan Ut)

Hello. My husband and I adopted a beautiful tortie shell female cat about 1 1/2 years old. The first day we brought her home she hid under our couch. (its pretty high off the ground so she can walk pretty straight and it acts like her "safety" area. which we are totally ok with)

Anyways. we renamed her Luna and she is so sweet and loving and she is out of hiding after only a few hours, she seems so happy, runs from me and my husband every few seconds looking for love. However
She barely drank anything and I haven't seen her eat any food. Its the exact for she has always been eating...I know this cause her previous owner gave everything to us. I would normally think its confort reasons but with her being so happy Im not so sure. She has only pooped on the floor once and other wise has been using the box. And at night she does this wierd loud mewoing moan thing. we think that is do to wanting more attention....Or wanting in the room which would be fine if she just layed with us...Instead finding the only plant in the house. lol. We love her sooo much and am SO happy she is finally with our little family and could be a part of it...But Im getting really worried about her eating.
Sorry if this is too detailed. But I figured better safe then sorry.

Thanks so much!

Kira and sweet
P.S She was raised an Indoor cat and is fixed.

Answer from KAte

It can take cats a few days to a few weeks to settle down in their new home and sometimes because they are anxious they wont eat properly.

By the way make sure that the plant you have in the house is not poisonous to cats if she is nibbling at it. You should be able to find out online.

I'm not sure how long you have had her for. If it is just a few days then its too early to worry.

You could try to help her relax by keeping her in one room for a few days so that she can calm down a little (less to worry about and distract her). You can also try to encourage her to eat by buying some extra smelly food, or a new brand of top quality food. cats are enticed to eat by smell and so the stronger the smell the better.

If she continues not to eat then it may be worth having her looked at by a vet, who may recommned some calming medication to help her relax in her new home

However i wouldn't be surprised that in a day or two she starts to eat again once she is used to her new surrounding.

I also have a page on my site about bonding with a new cat which you may find of further interest here

best wishes Kate

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