Kitten diharrhea/leakage wont go away

by Sarah Hileman
(Berlin Maryland)

We just adopted a 9 week old kitten about a month ago and ever since we got him he had really bad diharrhea and he leaked out poo and mucusy liquid. We went to the vet twice and he has tried 4 different types of medicine. He was de wormed and even got a medication for coccidia. But nothing helped. It actually made it worse.He leaks all the time. we have to keep him in a room and cover the floor and bed with towels and have to replace them at least twice a day. Sometimes if we pick him up the mucus or poo pour out of his butt like a fountain. Whats happening?

Answer by Kate

well its strange that the vet has been unable to help your kitten. This problem can be quite common in kittens as their tummies can be very fragile. It may be a good idea to give your cats digestive system a rest for a few days to see if that helps settle it down and then to feed only very plain food in small amounts for the following few days to see if the tummy can cope. I have a page aboutCat Diarrhea here which will give you more information.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

The vet prescribed a science diet medicated food that we give 1/4 of a cup a day. He just doesnt seem to respond well with any kind of food. His issues seem to be the worst right after he eats. Its like he eats it and it doesnt get digested enough

Answer by Kate
With diharrea it means that the digestive system is working too quickly. When you eat it stimulates your digestive system and this can cause a bowel movement, that is probably why it happens after eating.
As I say the digestive system needs a rest and the only way to do this is to not feed much at all for several days, ie so that it doesn't have to process any solid food. So give only water and kitten milk for a day or two. then start with very soft food again but in very small amounts about four times a day.
If there is still no change after this then your kitten may need further tests.

I do hope he gets better soon, poor little mite.

best wishes Kate

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