Multiple things wrong with my cat


Thanks in advance for answering my questions; here's what I need...

I adopted a one year old male cat from a friend a week ago, at his old house the cat was active and seemed happy, he ran around and interacted with the kids, but ever since I moved him into my house (which is as big as his old house) he's been lazy, and just sits in the kitchen staring at things all day long.

He also seems to be scratching him self quite a lot, I've checked and used frontline for the fleas, I even bathed him in the antibacterial flea killer I got from my vet, but he still scratches a lot..... What can I do to help him?

Last but not least, he's also having a lot of diarrhoea when he uses his litterbox, I've not fed him any dairy, only his cat milk and his wet food, and he has plenty of water available... Should I be worried?

Thanks so much for the help, I just want him to be comfortable in his new home.


Hi well the cat has only been with you for a week so he will still be feeling very unsettled and this could account for his subdued behavior.

however he may also be feeling unwell due to the flea treatments (flea baths are not good and can cause some cats to feel sick). Also if he did have a flea problem before he may have picked up a virus from them or perhaps was suffering anemia. Please see this page for more information on this


Also a change in food can cause an upset tummy.

All you can do is to help him settle in by making his new home environment as distracting and interesting as possible for him.

and perhaps feed him a plainer diet for a few days to help settle his tummy. Also remember not to give him cows milk as this can also cause tummy upsets.

This page has more information about how to help with a upset tummy

best wishes kate

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