my cat has diarhea

Ginger cat with tummy upset

Ginger cat with tummy upset

Our male cat has had some upset tummy problems and when he does go to the bathroom he won't use his litter box. What can we do to make him go use it? What can we give him to make his tummy feel better. We've tried yogurt.....

well it all depends on what the cause of your cats tummy upset is.

Sometimes they pick up a tummy bug like we all do from time to time which will sort itself out in a few days or so. It could be caused by a change in diet if you have swapped food recently or it may be caused by worms.

it is important that you try to address the possible cause first.

Please rad my page about cat diarrhea as it will give you more idea on some of the possible causes and also how to try and treat it. here is the page

If the problem persists over more than a week you should seek advice from your vet in case there are other factors involved in your cats ill health.

The fact that your cat is not using his litter tray could be either because he can't get there in time or he is feeling so ill that he is scent marking as this helps to calm them down. i think once you have sorted out his tummy upset he will return to using his litter tray as normal.

best wishes kate

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