My cat hates me

by Todd
(Beaverton ,or)

Me and my wife have a female cat,we got her when she was 3 weeks old. I took care of her like a baby, then 6 months later i was gone for 6 months, as expected she got well with my wife,it took her few days and she started to trust me again, then I picked her and she was going crazy,scratching attacks, then one day i decided to hit (lightly of course)her after every time she scratches attack or growling at me, and the hate just increase And I can't even touch her anymore she just hate me or what? I miss her she was so so close to me and now she is way more calm and confident with my wife. Can I gain her love and trust back?( and she isn't fixed yet)

well unfortunately bu hitting her no matter how lightly all you have done is increase her fear of you.

You can't force a cat to want to be picked up and loved etc and you can't make a cat like you. but what you can do is earn their trust and this takes time and patience.

Please see my page about bonding with a cat. it is very important that you take things slowly and let her make all the decisions.

Having her spayed will also help the situation a lot. she is pumped full of hormones at the moment and this can make them more aggressive anyway. there are also many health benefits for your cat to have her spayed other than of course getting pregnant. Some of these benefits are mentioned on this page

best wishes kate

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by: Kevin Johnson

How would you feel if a gorilla the size of a bull elephant smacked you around for no reason you could determine? A little shy around it, perhaps? Trust is not purchased with aggression it is earned with kindness. Start behaving more like your wife and maybe your cat will like you more.

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