My new kitten is really nervous

by Daisy xxx

hi i just have a major question to ask, as its really bothering me: how can i help my new kitten feel more at home, more relaxed and less nervous?

its been a week now since we collected her, and it seems like shes really unsettled still.
we rescued our kitten from a litter that a lady was currently finding homes for after rescuing then from a farm where they werent being looked after properly, which the RSPCA was also involved with, so she and the litter were being looked after very welll, so there hasnt been any health problems.

Our Cat is a female and shes very friendly but extremely cautious and scared. she seems like the runt of the litter. we keep her in one room, at the moment because that is what she has been used to, although she had a hole load of other cats with her. she comes out for food, water and also to use the litter tray, and once you are cuddling her she seems fine and loves it, its just gettiing her. we have that special scented thing that makes the pet more relaxed but it hasnt made much of a difference. we understand that she is probably missing her fellow brothers and sisters, and i feel very guilty for not getting another one, however we wouldnt possibly be able to afford it. we think she will finally settle down, but what can we do for the mean time?
i hope you can help, thanks very much, your help would be much appreciated. xxxxx

this behavior is not unusual as it can take some cats and kittens many ,any weeks to settle into their new home. it has nothing to do with needing another cat around, cats are not pack animals like dogs and can happily live as the only pet.

i do have a page about helping to bond with your new cat which you may find of further help here

Just give your kitten more time and i'm sure she will be fine in the end.

best wishes kate

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Two kittens one confident one nervous
by: Rio

My two rescue kittens are 15 weeks old. One is coping v well... cuddling up to me. The other Pablo will come close for food, treats etc.but lashes out with her paw to scratch me. I know she needs time to settle in. They're both with me for 3weeks. Any suggestions about how to bond with Pablo my cautious cat!! Rio

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