my ragdoll cat has very loose stools

by angela

hi i have a male ragdoll cat hes about 9 years old, even when he was a kitten he had lose stools i took him to the vet they found nothing wrong with him. he is still having lose stools so i took him to the vet a few months ago and they done a blood test on him to check if he had problems with his kidneys (as my last cat had to be put down due to that)

i was worried my ragdoll blue was going the same way the blood test came back fine, hes still having lose stools very runny, and recently hes making a noise like hes in pain when hes doing the toilet (poo) and hes doing it over the floor for some reason he hates using the litter tray, i dont know what else to do. please can you give me some advice thanks also hes eating fine,


Hi Angela
It is very odd that your cat has had this problem all his life and the vet cannot fond any cause for his loose stool.

I don't know what food you are feeding your cat, but this may be an issue for your cat. Sometimes a food can be too rich for some cats digestion. Also it is important as you know to feed only good quality cat foods as their have been nutritional issues with the lower brands etc.

My suggestion would be to put him on a very plain diet for a few days and then to starts to slowly reintroduce cat food back into his diet. Perhaps a different brand.

Also i always recommend that cats have some dry food in their diet as well as wet. this encourages them to drink more which in turn is very good for their digestive and urinary health.

I have a couple of pages on my site which you may find of further information regarding the plain diet etc.


best wishes kate

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Rag doll runs
by: Anonymous

My ragdoll is 4, she's had runny poops on and off since I got her two years ago. The food that fixed the problem is wheat free, grain free, dried food.
She also would sometimes poop on the floor, then I changed the cat litter from wood pellets to clay. She's never done it outside of her litter tray since.
It took a two years to sort this out and she still sometimes eats things in the garden and sets off the tummy again, but it's much less of a problem now.
I hope this helps!

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