A Guide On How To Photograph Your Pet Cat

Have you ever attempted take snapshots of your favourite pet cat when she is up and about? This pet cat photography is quite a task that requires lots of patience and zeal. However photographing the pet cat when asleep is easy and can be done by anyone. When you need to capture those dynamite expressions or moments there are certain tricks or tips that you need to master as outlined below.

Have An Objective

Think of what you need to capture before you start the shoot. Choose whether you want your pet cat's actions, movements, features or the surrounding. Plan and take your time to let the pet cat relax and be at the right place and in the right pose. Whether you need the shots when the pet is lying down, dozing or busy in a favourite activity, good shots require proper planning and patience.

Choose A Location

Ensure that the background is not distracting to you or your pet cat. Get rid of unwanted elements and put your focus on the pet. Great and amazing locations may be at the beach, at the lawn or at the pet's favourite place. This location should not draw your pet from posing for the photo shoot.

Maintain Proximity 

Be close to the pet to capture the emotions, mood, and character in an up close and candid manner. This avoids blurry pictures or distortions. You may also need to get down and dirty by lying down to your pet cat's level. This will give you an interesting pet perspective and the shots will be more realistic and impressive.

Check The Lighting

The location should be with the right lighting that will give your shoot magical touch. Carrying out the photo shoot with natural light is less destructive to the pet as it will be calmer. In addition, the shots will be rid of those red eye problems. However, direct light should be well metered depending on the colour of your pet and the time of day.

Vary Your Frames

Your pet cat will look different every time you change the angles and perspective. Depending on your focus, the shoot should at least cover the right features. Whether you want the facial features or the whole body, the point of focus should be put in different perspectives in order to get the right image.

Take The Shots

Freeze the exact action or feature that you desire. With the right spot, appropriate speed, and a bout of luck, you will capture those unexpected impressions and actions. Your camera should be well set in order to photograph your pet cat while moving. Getting a sharp shot can be determined on how your camera is set.

In order to capture some stunning images of your pet, you need to start early and train your pet to pose. Have an objective, plan, choose the location, lighting, and vary your frames. In addition, you need to change your position from standing to lying down, focus on your pet cat's eyes as well as set your camera well. Even with all these tactics applied in pet cat photography, ensure that there are no distractions and you will have spectacular images. Also if you still want to add that extra magical touch to your photographs you considering hiring professional pet photographers. 

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