Weird Cat Behavior Questions

The following weird cat behavior questions have been sent to me over the years.

Often when a cats behavior changes for no apparent reason and quite suddenly, it should be taken as an indication that something is wrong. it many be physical or emotional, but either way you should take notice and try to help your cat.

Question - Cat Acting Weird

by Angela Rhen(Jonestown PA)

My cat is acting weird, she will be fine playing and walking around. All of a sudden she will just stop and sway back and forth then loose her balence. She will then get back up and act normal again. Sometime two or tree times a day. What could be wrong with her?

oh I don't like the sound of that. I am not a vet but would say that she may have either an inner ear infection of some neurological condition and these might be mini fits. I would strongly recommend see a vet soon, just to be on the safe side and to address the problem promptly.

Question - Cat acting strange and meowing alot!

by Mark Cooper (Trowbridge, Wiltshire)

We have a 2 year old female cat, she had a litter of 3 kittens 2 weeks ago, shes been looking after the kittens great.

A couple of days ago she started whining and meowing alot, and rolling about on the floor and also she sticks her bum in the air alot!

She now been doing this for 2 or 3 days any ideas what this can be??

Thank you 

The behaviour sounds to me like she may be in heat but but a false heat. This is not uncommon after giving birth. Basically hormones similar to those released whilst in heat are being released and she is experienceing the same emotions etc as being in heat and is therefore displaying the same behaviour.

Don't worry this will pass. Best to keep male cats away though as she may retaliate against any advances because of her kittens.

Question - New Mother Cat Acting Aggressively Towards Me and The Kittens, Why?

My cat is acting weird when ever I touch her arms or paws she gets really angry same for her belly she starts snarling and hissing.

She hisses at her kittens too. I'm worried she will hurt them what should I do?

Hi, signs of aggression from a cat can either be a sign of fear or of pain.

Now it is not unusual for cats not to like their belly being touched but if she used to let you do this and it is a recent occurrence then I would strongly recommend that you get her looked at my a vet to at least rule out any illness which may be causing her some distress.

You did not say how old the kittens were. if they are younger than 7 weeks then it is unusual for a mum cat to display any aggression towards them at this stage. So again I would say that she may be in some discomfort. This may be related to the recent birth or her mammary glands.

Question - Cat Acting Strange, Crying Out Loudly And Drooling, Why?

by Bobbie Howdyshell (Davis, CA)

This morning my cat started meowing non stop, which is unusual for her. She then threw up a couple hours later. And about a couple minutes ago she let out some really loud, strange meows and was drooling pretty heavily and wondering around the house like she was looking for something. Any idea what could be wrong with her, or am i just being paranoid?

No i don't think you are paranoid. This definately does not sound normal and I don't like the sound of the drooling.

She may have been stung in the mouth or eaten something poisonous or may even have a problem with one of her teeth. See if you can see anything in her mouth but I would suggest that a visit to the vet would be a good idea.

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