Whats wrong with buster! my cat ?


I have two male kittens that are about 2 months old, up until today they have been very happy and playful little things, this morning however i noticed that one (buster) absolutely refused to play with his brother (binx) at first i just figured he was tired, then as the day went on i noticed that he was being exceptionally whiny, following people from room to room meowing, even whining at the bathroom door while my brother was in the shower...after that he proceeded to cuddle on my brothers lap and puke a tiny drop of white, a few minutes after that i picked him up and his entire hind end from about the middle of his tail down to his feet was soaked...it was clear so assumed that he just sat in some water or something, but it smells like poo...what could be wrong with him?

He may have very bad diarrhea which if so runny can come out just like water and this could be why it smelt so bad.

Kittens especially very young one like you have can be susceptible to infection and illness as their immune system is not yet at full strength.

you did not mention if they were still with their mother and if they have been weaned yet. kittens normally wean from their mothers milk between 8 and 12 weeks.

Because he is so young i would say if you can to take him to see a vet as soon as you can. If he does have diarrhea he could become dehydrated very quickly and this is dangerous.

Also the vet may want to make sure that he is flea free and wormed too. Both could cause severe illness in a kitten so young.

I have some pages about general cat health problems as discussed but as your kitten si so young i think a trip to your vets is the best option.




best wishes kate

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