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 Cough, Cough, Chough

Cat chat in your sleep? This kitty does but only when he hears a cough it seems.

This video was sent in by Danielle and it shows her cat Sissy responding with a cute little chatter every time she coughs. I must admit I have never seen this before, I wonder what the cat is thinking about.

Could it be that Sissy is complaining - “shut up and let me sleep” Moan, moan. “You can’t get any peace around here”.

Or perhaps she’s really concerned for Danielle’s health - “bless you” or “you need to take something for that nasty cough of yours”.

Perhaps coughing makes her think of birds flying around and she is displaying the natural chatter of an excited cat about to pounce.

Whatever it is she is saying or thinking it is really cute to see, I think it is wonderful when a cat responds to us verbally in some way. it really shows a bond between animal and human.

Comment from Kate

I found this video of a cat displaying the common cat chatter action to someone’s coughing very strange indeed.

This chattering action as you know is normally only displayed when a cat is looking at possible prey such as a bird. In this instance through the cat appears to be sleeping or at least dozing. So all I can assume is that the cat is actually dreaming about hunting some sort of prey and that the cough sound is triggering the chatter response. Perhaps the cat is associating the cough with the prey moving in his dream.

I must admit I have never seen this before in all my many years of cat ownership. I really don’t think it can be very common at all. But perhaps someone out there knows different and has seen this before.  Why not drop me a line using my contact me form and let me know.

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