Swimming Cat

This swimming cat looks quite happy in the water which is unusual for cats as they generally as a rule don't like to be in water. But as you can see when the situation requires it they can get themselves out of trouble.

I don't know where this water is but it looks like a specially designed artificial river or stream as it seems to be lit with light. Where it is it looks lovely and very peaceful and serene. A perfect place for a cat to have a swim wouldn't you say.

This video was submitted to the site by Dusan from: Czech Republic. The cat is called Miki.

Comment from Kate

I was always told as a child that cats can’t swim or at the very lest don’t like to be in water. But from this video it looks like that information could be wrong.

However I have always had domestic cats that will run for cover at the smallest drop of rain or sprinkle from a watering can. So I doubt very much that they would like to take a dip, especially not for fun.

It is good to know that if they did fall in anywhere that they would have the instinct to be able to swim. I wish I had that when I was learning to swim. I always did a very good impersonation of a heavy rock at the pool.

I wonder if some cat breeds are more inclined to swim than others. Perhaps breeds some cat Bengals or Siamese as they are what I like to think as the lets say, braver more dog like of cats. Perhaps these bolder more robust cats are no so worried by getting their paws wet and do in fact like to take a dip on a hot day.

If you know of a cat that also like to take a dip why not tell me about it by emailing me using my contact me form. I’d love to hear of more swimming cats.

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