Cute Cat Video
Sleepy Kitten

This cute cat video will make you laugh out loud, say ahhhhh and make you want to give your cat the biggest cuddle all at once. 

This is a very short video of a very tired Kitten who desperately dons.t want to go to sleep.

If you've never seen a kitten fighting sleep then this video is for you. The poor little might sways from side to side and his eyes get heavier and heavier and until the moment he falls asleep and just stops himself in time before he falls over. So cute, so sweet, makes you want to rush ot and give another cute kitten a good home.

I have spent a log time searching for these types of cat video for your delight. I hope you enjoy it. yes it may be short but its worth every second.

So why not go and get your cat and both of you settle down and watch this video of the cutest kitten of all time.

Bengal Kitten Knows How To Get What He Wants

Some cats learn from a very early age that we humans are a sucker for a little mew. gets us every time.

This wonderful little Bengal Kitten seems to have learned very quickly that if you want more tickles, all you need do is to give us your best heart breaking cute mew.

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I hope you enjoyed watching this cat video. If you would like to see another one of my choices of best cat video on the web choose from this list. 

The collection of funny cats doing the silliest things is my personal favourite. Lots of cats being secretly filmed doing odd little things. Cats can be the funniest animal sometimes, I think it is because they are so regal for the rest of the time that it makes it extra funny.

However if you like to see a cat come second best between a battle of wits with a tortoise then we have a video for you too. It really is so funny.

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