Cat Drinking From A Glass
A Funny Cat Video 

A funny cat video of a cat drinking from a glass of water. First try to get your head in, if this does not work resort to using your paw. 

Cats are so smart I doubt a dog would have worked this out. I suspect the glass would be on its side with water everywhere. cats Rock! 

Comment from Kate

My old cat Little mo loved to drink from glasses, in fact wine glasses were her favourite. we never had a bowl of water down for her only a glass. Which used to bring strange looks from neighbours and friends when they came round. To see a wine glass of water next to the cats food bowl.

Little mo also like to sneak in our bedroom at night to drink from our bedside water glasses. We had no idea for many months and just thought the water was evaporating over night. It wasn’t until we caught her in the act that we realised she was doing this and I can tell you both myself and my partner felt a little queasy afterwards. We had to resort to bottles of water by our beds after that.

We did try glasses with our new cats but they weren’t so keen and just spent ages staring into the glass. They never quite worked out the paw in the glass trick like the cat in this video. But they do like to drink from the taps, often from their paws so they aren’t stupid at all.

I do find though that after they have been in the bath to drink from the tap I am left with little wet foot prints all over my floor. Which is fine but not when you find the footprints across your dining table too. Ah the little minxes.

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