Sleeping Cat Video
A Happy Cat And His Mouse

This sleeping cat video was submitted by Kelly from Canada. 

It shows a very happy cat, I know this because you can hear lots of lovely purring throughout, spending a lazy afternoon doing what cats do best, sleeping and playing with toy mice.

This video is shot using a time lapse which shows you just how much a cat twitches and moves during a sleeping period and you thought cats were lazy.

The toy mouse is attacked twice which suggests that this kitty cat was dreaming of chasing mice. In fact our cat Byron will bring his toy mouse to bed with him and do this too, it’s great fun being woken at 5am to a bouncing cat and his mouse.

FURST I HAD NAP DEN I KILLD TEH MOUSE. KATNIP! Time Lapse photography of our kitty falling asleep on the couch for a bit, then waking up and giving her catnip covered mouse toy a thrashing (with real purrz!)

Comment from Kate

After seeing this video I thought I would take some time and watch my own cat sleeping for awhile to see if he moved around much too.

What was really funny was that when I sat and watched my cat for a couple of minutes he didn’t move a muscle, but if I left the room for a minute and returned I would find him in a completely different position.

If I had taken a picture every time he moved I would have had a very funny flip book. On his back with legs apart, stretched out on his front long, curled up with his nose tucked in tight, the list of different cat sleeping positions are many.

I really liked this video; I thought it was a great idea to let us all know just what a cat gets up to in their sleep.

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