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Wiggy Smushes Plastic Bags

Cat tricks - Cats aren't really known for their tricks, in fact they don’t generally like to be told what to do at the best of times, so one that would respond to a command is practically in heard of. 

No our cats are independent souls and that’s what we love about them, but they do all have very individual personalities and many do things that are very unique to them and could be called tricks.

This video was sent in by one of the sites visitors (thank you my Elliot for sharing this with us), showing his lovely old cat Wiggy and her fascination with plastic bags. I’m not quite sure what she is doing but she certainly looks like she is enjoying herself. I’ll let Mr Elliot tell you more about his cat wiggy here:

“My cat Wiggy passed on a few years ago at the age of fifteen and of course I really miss her. She was mostly Maine Coon I think. All the plastic bags are sticking out the drawer because she liked to chew on them while having her back scratched. I've seen other cats that went crazy over plastic especially the kind that makes the crunchy noise that you wrap flowers in. If she heard that she would come running. We discovered she liked to this one day so I just refer to it as Wiggy's only trick”. -Mr. Elliott

I love this video, Wiggy looks so content as she does her smooching of the plastic bags. She has that look on her face when you get the chance to sit with a load of bubble wrap and you go through the whole lot bursting all the individual bubbles, quite enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you have a cat that has a funny habit or a party trick like this why not tell us about it using the comments box. I’m sure many of us would enjoy hearing about more funny and strange things our cats get up to

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