Funny Cat Video
Cat Verses Tortoise 

This funny cat video features a tortoise that just won't give up. I've never seen such a tenacious tortoise that is determined to protect his territory. 

Luckily I don't think the cat minds too much and thinks it's a bit of a game.

So the way of the Tortoise is really the winner every time, I think there is a lesson in this video for all of us. You may not be the best or the biggest but as long as you just keep on going you will get your way in the end.

Well as long as you don't get eaten first that is. Anyway I think no cat will ever be able to stay long in this very brave and energetic tortoises garden, do you?

Get ready to see the fiercest Tortoise in the world and a rather bemused cat.

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I hope you enjoyed watching this video. This cat really reminded me of my old Maine Coon cat Tigger. He was a big softy too and he used to play with our pet rabbit. The rabbit would run around and around him and he would every now and again bat him on the head then the whole game would start again.

But I have never seen a Tortoise with so much anger against another animal. I mean I wonder what the cat did to provoke such an attack. To be honest i think It is just a game just like my Tigger and the pet rabbit.

There are more videos like this here on the site. So if you would like to see another one of my choices of best feline video on the web choose from this list.

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