Funny Cat Video
Two Cats Have A Chat 

I love his funny cat video of two cats having a chat with each other. I had tears rolling down my face with laughter the first time I saw it.

So OK the cats aren't really talking but have been over dubbed. But I really do think that it has been done so well that I can quiet honestly believe that this is exactly the sort of thing these two cats would be saying to each other.

Such a clever cat video, at first it looks a little odd, but once you get over that it becomes quite believable. Once you see this video you will look at your own pet differently from now on, wondering whether or not they talk about you.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

Let me tell you a little true story of my own experience of talking cats.

Years ago when I was house buying, I visted a starnge old house, occupied by man with a auliflower ear and who looked like he hadn' washed for some time. As he showed us the strange old house and it's many odd decorations, I suddenly heard a strange high pitch call from downstairs. It sounded to me like a small child saying "Hello".

i looked at the man, he looked back as if to say what? then the call came again and I looked at the man and said, "someone is calling you". he looked at me like I was mad, but I know we had all geard it. Just then the call came again but louder and just then a cat walked in and said "hello".

OK so now you think I'm mad. But I can honestly tell you that this cats meow actaully sounded like someone saying hello. I will admit the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. i only wish I had had a video recorder with me at the time.

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